Stress less – be a healthy happy parent

Make time for yourself

Its hard to juggle, work, kids, food shopping and playdates. And people pointing out that you might be stressed seems…well… pretty obvious. But  try and remember that children absorb knowledge and experience from everything that goes on around them. It is important that you are in a healthy balanced state of mind. If you are stressed or upset your little one will pick up on how you are feeling.

Forget expensive toys and days out! a healthy happy parent is the most important resource for language learning.

Where do I start?

once a week do something just for you without your children or partner. It is vital you take time to nurture yourself. organise a time when older children are at school and younger children can be looked after by a friend or relative. Alternatively ask  friend to babysit for a couple of hours one week.  You will often find people are very willing to help – you can always return the favour.

Remember, it is not selfish it is absolutely necessary and it is imperative to keep your mind healthy.

Here’s some ideas

  • go for a long walk and play you favourite music
  • take a bath – add your favourite oils, do a facemask and condition your hair
  • go to a coffee shop and browse your favourite blog or read a magazine
  • Have a massage or get your nails painted
  • Go for a run or to the gym
  • Make yourself a cup of tea and call a friend you’ve not had time to speak to in a while.
  • go to a yoga class
  • try this app from playlab, flowy, it was designed for people with anxiety, but can be useful for us all when we feel a moment coming on! – its great fun too.
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