Mable host charity fuddle for Children’s Mental Health Week

12th February 2019

Mable hosts office fuddle to raise money for children’s mental health charity Place 2 Be. 

This year, Children’s Mental Health Week, established by the charity Place2Be, ran from 4th to the 8th February 2019. The nationwide awareness week aims to bring to light the importance of good mental health in children, encouraging openness and healthiness ‘on the inside and out.’

Place2Be has also had the continued support from their Royal patron, The Duchess of Cambridge since 2013 who has a particular interest in the commitment to improving the wellbeing of children in the uk and brings more attention and support to the charity every year.

Natasha Gospel (left) and Natasha Berry (right) organised the charity fuddle which took place on 5th February 2019.

At Mable, the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people is something we not only care about, but something we are clinically trained to help with.

This particular awareness week we wanted to do our bit too, as Children’s mental health not only holds a special place in our hearts but is also at the foundations of our work.

So putting together a mixture of our small office, a great plan and the culinary mastery of our team…and some excellent cake buying talents, we decided to host a charity fuddle for Place2Be.

We had a great time eating lots of delicious food, chatting with our teams and of course managed to collectively raise a great amount for charity.

This charity events begins the start of a new goal for Mable Therapy in 2019 that aims to become actively involved in charity work to support organisations working with children and adults across many areas of mental health.

If you are an organisation specialising in this type of work, want to get involved yourself, or have any suggestions for how Mable can get involved, contact us on 0800 024 8648 or email 

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