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Supporting Speech and Language Development during Lockdown

Are you struggling to think of of fun and educational things to do with the children during lockdown? We have compiled a list of the best, low cost activities to keep children entertained which also have a strong communication focus. These activities can be done with all children to support their communication skills.

A Guide to Vocabulary Teaching: Part 2

In the second blog of a three part series about vocabulary teaching, we discuss how we begin to teach children the vocabulary they need; and which children specifically benefit from this kind of teaching. Is this best achieved using a whole class, targeted or specialist approach?

The Forgotten Children Scandal – A Review

In July 2018, the House of Commons Education Committee put together their review of alternative provisions in the UK and the difficulties around providing education for children not in mainstream education. Read on for our break down and what it means for educators and those providing interventions.

The Myth of Blue Monday; How to feel happier today!

Blue Monday is a myth! Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. However, it’s completely normal to feel blue somedays. It is amazing how small things can make a difference in how you feel and actually, we can be more in control of our own happiness than we realise. So, here are five tips for feeling happier, anytime.

I’m a Child with Autism: Get me out of here!!!

This year we have seen Anne Hegerty join the jungle! Anne received a diagnosis of Aspergers at the age of 45. We all appreciate it would be extremely difficult to go into the jungle as a person with autism, but have you ever thought about how similar the jungle is to the classroom? In this blog, we will discuss 5 ways in which Anne’s experience is similar to that of a child at school.