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Childhood Depression

Mental Health


Childhood Depression Pathway

Depression can impact on every part of a young person’s life, leaving them unable to function or engage with daily tasks. It can be caused by hardships in their life, difficult early experiences, or simply by their genetics. Whatever the cause, it can feel overwhelming for the young person suffering. On this pathway the counsellor will work with the pupil to understand their depression, including where it comes from, what the triggers are and how they can cope when they’re feeling overwhelmed. This will help the young person to feel empowered to overcome their depression and more able to deal with the symptoms.

Length of treatment
12 sessions delivered weekly.

None required

Referral Criteria
Has had the following symptoms for more than 6 months:

  • Withdrawn or sad.
  • Feelings of worthlessness.
  • Self-harming or expressing suicidal thoughts.
  • Irritable or struggling to regulate emotions.
  • Engaging less with hobbies and social life.
  • Struggling with their sleep routine or appetite.
  • Taking less interest in their appearance and personal hygiene.
  • Lacks interest or motivation with school work.

What we will work on

  • Explore early attachments and relational patterns to identify root of distress.
  • Psycho-educate the pupil on causes of depression to empower and enable better understanding.
  • Develop a range of strategies to recognising triggers, including CBT techniques, relaxation and mindfulness strategies (as appropriate) to cope with heightened symptoms.
  • Solution-focused techniques to change unhelpful behaviours or thought patterns.
  • Build self-esteem and resilience in order to cope long-term.

What we want to accomplish

  • Lower anxiety and depression levels (as measured on RCAD).
  • Improved mood and energy levels.
  • Improved sleep routine and appetite.
  • More able to understand and regulate emotions.
  • More able to engage with everyday life.

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