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Creating a Communication Friendly Classroom

Speech & Language

What will you learn?

This module will explore adaptations you can make to your classroom environment to ensure that it is inclusive and accessible for every pupil in your class. A classroom that makes adaptations will be especially beneficial for children with special education needs and those with speech, language and communication difficulties.

Module Titles

1. Making Your Classroom Communication Friendly

2. Space, Light, and Layout

3. Controlling Noise Levels in the Classroom

4. Using Visuals in the Classroom

5. Using Makaton in the Classroom

6. The Role of Adults When Creating a Communication Friendly Classroom

7. Creating Opportunities to Communicate

8. Summary

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Emily Woodhouse

Speech & Language Therapist

Emily is a qualified speech and language therapist who has experience of working closely with children who have a range of SLCN including stammering, language disorders and SEMH. Emily has supported children in a variety of settings including specialist provisions and is passionate about creating positive and inclusive environments. Emily is an advocate for ensuring that all children have a voice and can communicate effectively with those around them.