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How it works

Innovative Speech Therapy & Counselling

“Online speech therapy has been proven in multiple studies to be at least as good, and frequently better than traditional therapy. Client engagement is better, outcome reports are more detailed and delivered more frequently. “

Mable box

When you sign up, we will provide you with everything you need to get started. Introducing, our handy Mable box. The Pupil Identification Checklist will help your staff to easily recognise any pupils in need of extra support, whether it be speech and language therapy, or counselling. The “Getting Started” guide will take you through the simple steps to get your school up and running. Quality headphones and a splitter are also provided for your pupils and staff to get the most out of the sessions.


We capture pupil progress data like no other service and reports are easily accessible on Mable whenever you need them. Our therapists detail the outcomes immediately following a pupil session and send rich reporting information. Follow ups are also sent to the SENCo team, class teachers and parents in an instant. Our therapists can even share video clips of the sessions with the child’s parents so they are always included. 

School reports

Mable’s School-level reporting system allows you to evidence how you are meeting the needs of your pupils. It tracks the cost and measures the impact of Mable interventions on individual pupils. Reports also provide collective summary to track whole school progress.


Mable works on a credits system, which means you can purchase what you need, without being tied into a contract. Credits can be exchanged for pupil assessment, one-to-one interventions, staff consultation and training, specialist level reports,  attendance at meetings and any other bespoke requirements. 


The Mable Academy is our newest feature to join our platform. Specially designed training by Mable speech and language therapists allow any member of staff in school to complete CPD at a time and place that suits you. We have designed 1-hour certified online modules in key areas of Speech, Language and Communication. Learn the theory and the practical skills to enable you to support pupils with communication needs, SEMH, hearing impairment and non-verbal ASD from our expert team.


Mable therapists and counsellors build strong relationships with each of your pupils during sessions. Students engage through fun activities, designed to reduce anxiety and increase participation. We know that pupils with speech and language difficulties can struggle to attend for sustained periods of time, so session length is based on our research into continuous participation tasks at different levels.


Mable booking is flexible and works entirely around you and your school. You are able to book assessments and therapy sessions in Mable at a time that suits you and your students. Our state of the art specialist matching system ensures your students are connected to a therapist with the unique skill set to effectively treat their specific needs.