What can I get with Mable credits?

  • Speech and Language assessment.
  • Direct one-to-one therapy sessions with individual pupils.
  • Coaching sessions for school staff supporting children with Speech and Language needs.
  • Coaching sessions for school staff supporting children with Mental Health needs.
  • Paediatric counselling sessions (from April 2019).
  • EHCP report contribution.

Each Mable credit costs £40.

  • Assessment sessions use 4 credits.
  • Therapy sessions use 1 credit.
  • Coaching sessions use 2 credits.

We recommend a course of 10 therapy sessions following assessment in Speech and Language therapy and Counselling (£400pp)

What is included with the free assessment?

  • Face-to-face online assessment.
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations for school and parents.
  • Individualised therapeutic pathway.
  • Parent liaison following assessment.
  • 40-60 minutes of direct session time per pupil.

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