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“Over a third of teachers said they needed extra support for working with pupils with SEN. “

The Mable Academy

The Mable Academy is our first ever CPD training course for school staff, designed by Mable’s very own speech and language therapists.

Each Mable Academy course is one hour long and will provide useful resources and share Mable certified advice to integrate into teaching. This will help your staff to not only identify children with special education needs, but help support those children.

Over the course of the Mable Academy training, you will cover eight modules on SEND, SLCN, and SEMH in immersive, interactive E-learning. 

Our courses

Identifying Children with Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties

The purpose of this course is to give an overview of what speech and language therapy is. This course will explain some of the terms used, and provide an introduction to some of the theory behind methods used to develop speech, language and communication skills.

Creating a communication friendly classroom

Here are some helpful tips for you to create a classroom environment that will encourage young people to develop their communication skills. This module not only provides some strategies you can easily input, but explains the purpose of using these strategies and the consequences of not.

The link between behaviour and communication

There is a strong link between social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) and language. During this course you will learn about how attachment difficulties affect early brain development. You will be given some strategies on how you can aid language development in children with SEMH in the classroom.

Introduction to social communication disorders

In this course you will learn about the features of social communication disorders and consider the larger long term implications of this. You will also learn some strategies to use in the classroom, and ways of identifying those young people who require additional support.

Identifying and helping children with selective mutism

This course gives an overview of what selective mutism means and the impact of selective mutism in the classroom. You will cover both informal and formal treatment approaches and you will also be given some strategies to build your confidence in supporting young people with selective mutism.

Strategies to support children with Hearing Impairment

It can be difficult to know how best to support children with a hearing impairment. This module explains the different types of hearing aids and discusses classroom acoustics. You will develop an understanding of what it means to have a hearing impairment and what you can do to support these young people.

How to use picture exchange systems

This course will help you to develop a more robust understanding of picture exchange systems and their use in both inside and outside the classroom. You will learn about each stage in-depth, and consider the young people whom you work with and whether they may benefit from this communication method.

Understanding and Supporting children with Executive Functioning Difficulties

In this course you will understand what is meant by the term ‘executive functioning difficulties’ and consider the implications in the classroom. You will learn how to spot young people who may be having difficulties, and develop strategies to support them to help themselves.