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School Firewall Settings

If you have any trouble please email The Tech Team at techteam@mabletherapy.com.

Or you can call the tech team on  0113 460 1983.

Step 1 – Whitelist Domains.

In your firewall settings please whitelist the following domains :

1.  mable.co.uk
2.  firebase.com
3.  firebaseio.com
4.  tokbox.com
5.  opentok.com
7.  atatus.com
8.  speedof.me
9.  intercom.io
10. intercomcdn.com
Step 2 – Outbound Ports

Please allow the following ports with all the following protocols.

1. 443  ( TCP & UDP & WSS )
2. 3478 ( TCP & UDP & WSS )

These are required for our video feed partners opentok.com, and tokbox.com, these domains can be added to the port config if more specificity is required.

Step 3 – Test

The Mable tech test page will let you know of any common setup issues.


The TokBox Connectivity wizard will also help diagnose any potential faults with the firewall setup.


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