Supporting Students’ Mental Health Through the Pandemic

We have put together a short mini course to help teachers build resilience and reduce anxiety in their pupils.

In this course Helen explains the importance of allowing children to reflect back on a difficult year, before giving them strategies to build their resilience and prepare for future uncertainty. You’ll also learn why communication is crucial and how the way we talk can help children reduce their anxiety levels.

  • Reflecting back

    How to support and validate pupils feelings about the pandemic so far.

  • Building Resilience

    How to support pupils to develop the inner-resourcefulness to cope with future uncertainty.

  • Communication

    How to listen actively and promote sharing our feelings, in order to support pupil and staff mental health.

Preview of the Supporting Pupils through the COVID-19 pandemic video course

Helen Spiers

Helen has over 15 years experience working with young people, as a primary school teacher and Child and Adolescent counsellor. She has a post-graduate diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as specialist training in counselling young people.

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