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A Pocket Guide to Stress & Wellbeing

This handy little pocket guide includes three of our most popular mental health blogs.

Can meditation help calm your stress?

This blog looks at the science behind stress and puts some logical reasoning to understanding the physical and mental reactions we feel. Our counsellor Laura has taken to the page to discuss the impact that stress can have on our bodies that we may not necessarily be aware of.

Eating disorders: Are they what we thought? 

Although Eating Disorders do not directly tie in with stress in it’s traditional associations, this handy blog talks about understanding the facts behind an eating disorder to break away from the stigma. Our counsellor Rebecca discusses the effects it can have on a person’s mental health, away from the illness itself.

Is it normal to feel this stressed?

Everyone feels stressed from time to time, but in such a fast-paced world, how much stress is considered ‘normal’? Have a read of our counsellor Laura’s blog to understand the causes of stress and learn some tips for how you can proactively manage your workload to minimise the impact and de-stress.