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Mable for Schools

Speech & language sessions with Mable start at only £39.

Including full report and intra-therapy activities!

School Starter Package

A complete SEN solution

  • Direct Intervention - "Mable 50" Credit Package

    Equivalent of 50 one-2-one Speech & Language Sessions!

  • Mable Setup

    One off setup process where we make sure everything is ready for your sessions

  • The Mable poster pack

    Selection of posters covering speech, language & mental health

  • A Mable Account Manager

    A named person to help with anything


Mable Academy

If your school already has direct therapy in place then it is possible to just get access to the Mable academy. All the staff can have access the content and on completion of each module they will receive personalised certificates. Administrators can also track staff progress, and see which staff have completed which modules. We charge an annual flat rate per school for this product.

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£1,250 / year
whole school access

This is included in the starter package

Service List

Mable works on a credit model for it’s services. We believe this is the best way to manage your budget for the year and still have flexibility in what services you use. You can use your credits for any of our services at any time depending on the need in the school.

Speech Therapy session1 Credit
Speech & Language Assessment4 Credits
Mental Health ASSESSMENT3 Credits

Additional Credit Packages

Mable Essentials is all you need to get started, we also offer set packages of credits which you can use to top-up your essentials package depending on how much need there is in your school. You can purchase extra credits at any point throughout the year and you don’t have to buy the packages, although if you are buying in bulk you can get a discount by using the package option.

Mable 25

25 Credits


£25 off standard price

Mable 50

50 Credits


£75 off standard price

Mable 100

100 Credits


£250 off standard price

Mable 200

200 Credits


£750 off standard price

Mable 500

500 Credits


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Mable 1000

1000 Credits


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Pricing FAQ

No. We don’t charge anything extra for writing session reports, talking to parents or making resources we are transparent with you about everything. You have complete visibility over your budget and how it’s being spent. We also don’t charge for lunch breaks, cups of tea, holidays or travel – something worth considering when comparing our service to others which can have these costs built in or as extras. You only pay for the therapy you receive.

We understand that in certain circumstances there will be pupils that may not access or benefit from the online services we provide. These may include pupils with: Low cognition pre 36 months;  Visual impairment,  Pupils who have PMLD. We don’t currently provide direct support for those few that can’t access Mable but we will provide advice and support and also help you to access provision from your local authority to meet the needs of these pupils as required.

We provide weekly reporting and progress tracking for specialist pupils. If required we will also compose reports for an EHCP meeting in addition to the weekly reports at a cost of £100. If you require a therapist to attend the meeting we can attend in person at a cost of £80ph plus travel costs.

It depends. We have tried to be as flexible as possible with our service but that can mean it requires a bit of thought to calculate exactly what you will require for the academic year. For example a full course of speech therapy would be an assessment followed by 9 sessions and a block report which would be 14 credits, but some pupils may only require an assessment and maybe to check-in with a therapist every month or so. If you decide to try Mable then your account manager will start by helping you prioritise your caseload and budget for their needs.

Our credits have an expiry of one year after purchase, so you have plenty of time to use them, we will also remind you if you have credits left to use and are coming towards the deadline.

Yes of course, however if only 1 or 2 children in your school are having therapy then it is probably more cost effective to go via Mable Families as then you can just pay as you go. Unfortunately there are no bulk discounts or Academy Access included in Mable for Families.

LAs & MATs

If you are looking on behalf of a Local Authority or large MAT please get in touch for larger scale pricing options.

Credits can be used across multiple schools and multiple schools can be managed from our platform.