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Funding Guide

  • Making a case for speech and language therapy.
  • What does a speech and language therapist do?
  • How to identify pupils that require speech and language therapy.
  • Screener resource list.
  • Understanding the basics of SEN funding.
  • Alternative funding streams.
  • How to spend your budget wisely.

Get a Mable brochure in the post!

  • Why do schools need a speech therapist?
  • How does Mable work with schools?
  • Enhancing SEN in other areas.
  • Assessment with Mable.
  • List and details of our interventions.

SALT red flags posters

  • Primary & Secondary posters
  • Do any of your pupils exhibit any of the red flags?
  • Quick checklist for teaching staff
  • Ages 4 – 16

Mable interventions guide

  • A list of Mable Speech and Language interventions
  • Which pupils will benefit from these interventions?
  • What will the pupils gain from them?