Which part of SEN has been most affected by Government cuts in your school?

Thanks your opinion on this, if you want to have a chat about anything SEN related feel free to get in touch alicia@mabletherapy.com.

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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    All of these for definite! And of course lack of 1:1 support causes issues further up so then we have more need for Mental Health, Autism support and Behaviour management!

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:

      Yes I agree Jenny! We’re losing so many great TA’s due to these cuts meaning those children with SEN can no longer receive the 1:1 support they require. Behaviour management is OK in our school however this is definitely the case for our children with speech and language difficulties!!

  2. Julie Trainor
    Julie Trainor says:

    The LA EP service is virtually non existent now. We can only have a full assessment if the LA has agreed to an EHCP assessment. Our school have bought in an EP which is not cheap but the advice and guidance is worth it.


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