It’s Here.

The countdown is up, the day has arrived; it’s time for our big reveal. 

We’ve been so excited to share this with you for such a long time. Today is the day we make Speech Therapy & Wellbeing services more accessible than ever before.

Introducing… #TheMableBox!

At Mable, accessibility has always been at the heart of everything that we do. We believe that children and people across the UK deserve an equal opportunity to access wellbeing services, no matter what location.

Our online web platform opened up a whole new door for these wellbeing services. We are the UK’s only online Speech Therapy platform, and have now delivered thousands of therapy sessions to pupils across the country.

Why have we made #TheMableBox?

The box aims to combat every possible disruption to starting the already easy and quick process of joining Mable, and provide even better tech equipment to existing schools so that the children can have the ultimate wellbeing experience.

What’s in it? 

Good question! We put together a list of all possible items you may need along your Mable journey, ensuring everything you need will always be at your fingertips.

The items are packed inside a sleek white custom made box, with the Mable logo on top so that you will never misplace it. The box itself makes a great place to store all necessary documents, keeping everything in one place.


  • Headsets x2: We have handpicked the best quality headphones for the child to hear the therapist clearly. They’re also Mable branded, meaning they look super cool!
  • Splitter: The splitter allows two pairs of headsets to be plugged into a laptop at the same time, meaning both the child and a teaching assistant can listen to the session. The teaching assistant can then take tasks away from the session, and implement them through the week so the child can continue to progress.
  • Folder: Our jazzy branded folder will arrive with documents inside, but is free for you to use and to keep in any relevant documents you may need.
  • Pupil Identification Checklist: This form is a screener that means you are able to identify which child may need intervention from a Speech & Language Therapist. You get a whole pad of these forms, so are welcome to use them on any child in your school!
  • Consent Forms: If you wish to start a new child on with Mable at any time, you are provided with a pack of consent forms to have signed by a parent. These can be scanned back in and uploaded onto Mable, making it quicker than ever to onboard a new child!
  • Lanyard: For either you or the child to keep, and to look really trendy whilst wearing!
  • Stickers: We will provide you with stickers to use how you wish – as well as collecting stars just on the Mable programme, the child can have a star sticker to take home!
  • Wellbeing Handout: You may have heard… Mable are starting a counselling and wellbeing service, for both pupils and teachers to use! You will find a handout in the folder that will give you the full details on our new service :-)
How much is it?

It’s free! All new starters will be given their very own Mable Box upon setting up in the school, and once we have the initial consent forms in.

I’m an existing Mable user, how do I get mine?

Give us a call today to find out how you can claim yours! You can reach us from Monday-Friday between 8:30am-5:30pm on 0800 024 8646. Alternatively, pop us an email across to and one of our brilliant admin team will be happy to help get you set up!

We hope we’ve given you all the details you need to know on our new Mable Box, but anything we may have missed then please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help any time!

Make sure to share your pictures once you have yours; we’ll be looking out for your #TheMableBox hashtags on Twitter and Instagram so get them coming in!

From The Mable Team