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Play-Based Speech Therapy: What is it and what are the benefits?

Play-Based Speech and Language Therapy is a form of treatment, delivered in a playful and natural way. To find out more on the benefits of online play-based therapy, read our blog here.

How to Help a Child Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the deep and overwhelming fear of social and performance situations. So, how can you support a child who has social anxiety? Read our blog to find out more.

Why might children and young people with SLCN be vulnerable to mental health difficulties?

Mental health difficulties and speech, language and communication needs go hand-in-hand, and therefore, if there are difficulties in both, you cannot treat one without the other. Read more about the link between children and young people's mental health and speech, language and communication, here...

The impact of loneliness during childhood and how to offer support

Loneliness doesn’t always look like what we might imagine. When we look out for children who are lonely, we might be quick to think of those who play on their own or don’t appear to have many friends. The reality of loneliness for many children, however, is much deeper than that. Read more about how to identify and support young people experiencing loneliness.

The impact of sleep-deprivation on children's moods and behaviours

Sleep can have a huge impact on a child's mood and behaviour. Read more about the impact of sleep-deprivation, and how to tackle it, to help support your child or student.

Using stories and fairy tales in children and young people's therapy

Using stories and fairy tales in children and young people's therapy is an excellent communication technique, to help make sense of their experiences. Let me explain why...

Grounding activities to help support yourself and your students in times of stress

Grounding activities can be a powerful tool, when a child starts to feel emerging sensations, emotions and thoughts that provoke stress response. Read more for top tips on different grounding exercises.
Girl in school with anxious thoughts

What is the link between mental health and academic performance?

It's no surprise that the pandemic has affected student mental health, so how can we support mental health issues in the classroom? Read more to find out how we can help.

Helping students with autism return to school

There are challenges that lie ahead for our students with Autism. Learn how to help make their return to school as smooth as possible. Free downloadable resources!
Pupil gets frustrated during exam

Supporting students to overcome anxiety: an interview with Kemi Omijeh

This week sees the launch of our latest Mable Academy course ‘Overcoming Anxiety in Schools’, presented by Child and Adolescent Counsellor, Kemi Omijeh. To celebrate, Mable’s Head of Counselling Helen Spiers spoke to Kemi to find out more about anxiety in students, and what schools can do to help.
Teacher using signs with child in classroom

Top-tips to start using Makaton signing in your classroom

As a Speech and Language Therapist and qualified Early Years Teacher, if I were to choose a communication tool that enhanced the learning environment for all children, it would be Makaton. Let me set the scene and explain why!
Girl writing sum on school whiteboard

Could poor communication skills be holding students back in maths?

In this blog I am going to discuss some of the latest research looking at the link between language disorders, reading disorders and maths disorders. But more importantly, I am going to help break down the research and show you exactly how to put this theory into practice.