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Online Speech Therapy & Counselling for Schools

Truly engaging speech therapy & counselling

Mable is an easy to use online platform designed with teachers and pupils in mind.

Mable is the only online speech therapy and counselling platform in Europe. Our network of experienced clinicians use Mable’s award winning product to deliver thousands of sessions to children and young people across the UK.

“Using Mable has been brilliant for supporting our pupils with speech, language and communication needs. Thanks to their innovative technology, the tasks are engaging and the children always want to return the following week! Children love it, staff love it and the parents share great feedback too! “



Tracked – progress and budget

We charge per pupil, not per day so you can see exactly how your school’s SEN budget is being spent.

We don’t charge by the day, we charge per pupil. This will show much more clearly, how your budget is being spent with us. Mable makes tracking the cost against pupil outcomes, possible. There are no hidden costs for transportation expenses, cancelled sessions or staff training days.


Instant access to the best therapists and counsellors

Delivered by qualified, experienced clinicials from all over the UK, our custom interventions help pupils from EYFS up to KS4 to meet their potential. We know that the more engaged a child is with their speech therapy, the more they’ll learn.

“Mable has worked with our school for over three years now providing an excellent level of service to our young people and supporting our staff to develop vital CPD skills.”

Springwell Leeds



Library of high quality video CPD

The Mable Academy is a learning platform full of video training courses aimed at both SENCOs and teachers. We have designed the courses for teachers to help the children on their SEN register, but also children that might be struggling with mental health, behaviour or speech & language.

More Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it

“The sessions are very easy to access and the children really enjoyed them. It meant that there was no need for a speech and language therapist to travel, which is an issue in rural areas where schools can be quite isolated. “

Helen ThompsonHead Teacher

“We loved the convenience of having it on hand, not having to take the child out of school to complete the session. It makes a huge difference.”

Kate HunterSpecialist Teacher

“I liked all aspects of this but mostly seeing the child totally engaged and having fun!”

Kirkbymooreside SchoolHLTA

“Thanks so much for the report. It was excellent and easy to understand – a very helpful and friendly service”


“Open honest dialogue from Martha. She responds promptly to emails and will also iterate if school have not booked sessions. It is important as a parent of a SEN child for clarity. This then means that issues can be resolved. My daughter continues to enjoy the therapy after more than a year. This cannot be said for previous SaLT sessions. Many thanks for everything.”


“I have been impressed with the level of support and organisation given by Mable. I have and would recommend Mable to other professionals.”

Vikki HazelSENCO

You have helped my son and you are very helpful if I email you with queries. It’s a very good service.” 



Introducing the Mable Canvas

Adding more Mable magic to online child counselling and speech therapy. With new features and activities Mable is further adding to what is possible in online therapy.
Schools guide to providing speech and language therapy online

Schools Guide to Online Speech & Language Services

Several weeks into lockdown and schools are doing an excellent job shifting from the classroom to a online environment.  Mable therapy wants to support schools to continue to respond to national changes quickly and confidently during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. 
ACEs girl

How ACEs can affect Language Development

ACEs are traumatic experiences that occur during childhood and have a large impact on a person’s entire life. Continue reading to learn about how ACE’s can also affect Language Development.