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Support your SEN Students with Confidence.

 Online Speech Therapy & Counselling for Pupils.
Training for Teachers.

Are your pupils getting the support they need?

Sometimes it can be frustrating working with a service that’s not meeting the needs of you or your pupils. Common problems can be …

  • Complex and lengthy referral process
  • Not delivering actual therapy
  • Repeating the same advice over & over
  • No consistency of therapist
  • Not getting to know your pupils
  • Not able to work online
  • Unable to show evidence of pupil progress
  • Unengaging therapy sessions

Feel confident about your SEN provision.

When children have problems with their speech, language or mental health it can be difficult for teachers to know what to do.

Mable provides direct, online therapy for pupils and training for teachers. We help staff feel supported and get pupils ready for learning.

How it works

Book a consultation

Book a completely free consultation with one of our clinicians. We’ll talk about your school, your caseload and how Mable might be able to help.

Build your SEN plan

We will build a plan around your budget, we will go through your caseload with you, decide which students you want on which pathways.

Start therapy

Finally, we get you setup on the system, give all your staff academy access and start booking some therapy sessions.

How we can help in your school.

Most pupils with SEN aren’t accessing the right level of support. This can impact their learning and potential achievement.

Of course, lack of SEN management can also lead to challenging behaviour and  stressed out teachers. Watch our video to see some of the ways Mable can help you and your school.

“Using Mable has been brilliant for supporting our pupils with speech, language and communication. Thanks to their innovative technology, the tasks are engaging and the children always want to return the following week! Children love it, staff love it and the parents share great feedback too! “




Access to the best therapists and counsellors for your pupils

Mable therapists are experts in a diverse range of disciplines. We listen to the concerns and challenges faced by your pupils and find the right therapist to match their needs and personality. We know that the more engaged a child is with their therapy, the more progress they will make.

Collage of pupils enjoying using Mable Therapy

We can show evidence of pupil progress

We charge per pupil, not per day so you can see exactly how your school’s SEN budget is being spent.

We don’t charge by the day, we charge per pupil. This will show much more clearly how your budget is being spent with us. Mable makes tracking the cost against pupil outcomes possible. There are no hidden costs for transportation expenses, cancelled sessions or staff training days.

“Mable has worked with our school for over three years now providing an excellent level of service to our young people and supporting our staff to develop vital CPD skills.”

Springwell Leeds



Library of high quality video CPD

The Mable Academy is a learning platform full of video training courses aimed at both SENCOs and teachers. We have designed the courses for teachers to help the children on their SEN register, but also children that might be struggling with mental health, behaviour or speech & language.


The impact of loneliness during childhood and how to offer support

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